The Advantages Of Laser Teeth Whitening

December 3rd, 2008 4:35 AM by tipster

Oh, the scary lasers in all those 007 James Bond movies that can take out a person from miles away. They cut through steel. They slice through skin when used during surgery and can even be placed in pointers to annoy pets. But, you may be forgetting about other uses for the laser. They can rejuvenate the skin by peeling away damaged surface cells and can even remove tattoos. Lasers can also be used quite effectively in laser teeth whitening procedures.

Here is what happens when you visit a cosmetic dentist or professional for laser teeth whitening. Most dental professionals will clean your teeth first to remove any buildup and to create a clean surface to work upon. A whitening gel is applied to your teeth and then a specialized laser light is shone directly on the surface of the teeth. The laser causes the bleach in the gel to act faster. Most patients see very noticeable results on the very first visit.

Obviously the pro’s of professional teeth whitening is that your smile, now whiter and brighter, will give you a more youthful appearance. The con’s range from an allergic reaction to the bleaching gel, to the cost. The procedure can cost well over $1000 and can take more than one visit to yield the desired results. Also, dental condition plays a tremendous factor in whether or not the procedure will work for you. Extensive damage or discoloration may only be corrected through dental veneers or crowns.

Something many people consider a plus, but may actually be a minus where you are concerned, is how obvious the results will be. Some people are uncomfortable with other people knowing they have had “work” done and do not want to seem vain. There is nothing wrong with wanting a brighter smile and to look younger. If you do not want a dramatic change you may want to consider a home tooth whitening kit that will gradually lighten the color of your teeth.

Lasers are not just for James Bond and military applications. Laser teeth whitening has helped thousands of individuals who were not proud of their teeth and rarely smiled when asked to pose for a picture. Some may have avoided pictures completely because they felt very self-conscious. Professional whitening may cost more than those strips, but the results are immediate and you will have the smile you have always wanted.

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The Reality Of Dental Whitening Systems

December 3rd, 2008 4:35 AM by tipster

There is little doubt that a professional dental whitening system is very expensive. Some of the procedures cost more than $1000 and may require more than one visit. Most people, unless their teeth are very stained, elect to use a home tooth bleaching system, such as Crest White Strips or other home kits that lighten the color of the teeth. If you are curious as to how the kits work, then today is your lucky day. Keep reading and you will get a clearer perspective on having a brighter smile and you may even save yourself a visit to a cosmetic dentist.

A dental whitening system works through the use of a special bleach or hydrogen peroxide gel. The substance is applied to the surface of each tooth and then left on for a predetermined amount of time. Unlike their predecessors, modern systems are quite easy to use. At one time you had to mold a plastic tray and then sleep with the tray in your mouth overnight. The downside was a terrible tasting goo running down your throat while you slept, however, the upside was that you couldn’t grind your teeth all night.

Items such as Crest White Strips have eliminated the need for the bulky whitening trays and bleach that stayed on overnight. These whitening strips are applied to the teeth and then left on for fifteen to thirty minutes twice a day. Some of the new lines are applied only at night. The reason is that most people, after brushing their teeth at night, do not eat or drink anything until they wake in the morning, therefore leaving the whitening gel on the tooth surface longer.

Teeth whitening kits also are produced in generic versions such as Equate found in Wal-Mart. Truth be told, they are just as effective as their brand name counterparts. If you are unsure if the kit is of the same quality as Crest, then take a look at the ingredients list. Chances are the active ingredients are the same for both brands and you may actually save a few dollars.

A dental whitening system may not be the best idea if you have problems with the enamel on your teeth. The gel can cause sensitivity and pain. It may also irritate your gums and produce an allergic reaction. The majority of adults do not have problems with using the whitening kits and you may not either. You can always talk with your dentist about a tooth whitening product that he or she recommends based on your dental history.

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How Important Is It To Consider Acne Dermatology Treatment?

December 3rd, 2008 4:34 AM by tipster

Most people will agree that pimples look terrible and even the word “pimple” sounds disgusting. Before we consider an acne dermatology treatment, acne are clogged skin pores also known as whiteheads, blackheads, cyst or nodules. If you avoid the proper care, infections could result in scars and also affect your self esteem. For young people between the ages of 12 and 17, it’s pretty much guaranteed you will at least experience one acne breakout.

While it is only too come for teenagers to experience acne breakouts, adults reaching their thirties and forties experience acne breakouts? As you become older your life is often affected by hormones, stress and diet which influence acne break outs.

The choices in skin care products to control acne can be purchased at drug outlets, tv shopping networks, the internet all selling brand names like Murad, Proactiv, Neutrogena and Clearasil.

Not all over the counter medications can work for someone therefore continuing to experiment this way can be a waste of time and money. You want to look your best and for the student preparing to go back to school or the young adult starting a new job, this can be of utmost importance. If over the counter medications are not working in a timely manner it’s time to consider acne dermatology treatment.

Evaluating Your Visit To Your Dermatologist.

You should consider these steps on your first dermatology appoinment. During this visit the doctor will need to give you a physical assessment that should include a history of your health.

For your assessment, the doctor might need a blood test or diagnostic test to rule out medical causes for your acne condition. The doctor may start you on a cleansing program depending on the type, severity and frequency of your out breaks that will include either topical soaps, creams or lotions. Oral medications can be beneficial and your doctor could prescribe it to you if you have a mild case of acne.

There are other treatments your doctor may prescribe that only take 3 to 6 months which are antibiotics such as Tetracycline or Erythromyclin. Your doctor could start you on Accutrane treatment if previousl results do not look favorable.

Should your doctor recommend Accutrane, get the full explanation on the potential of certain affects this treatment might have on you. As an example, there have been isolated incidents of suicide attempts or birth defects reported. Well aware dermatologists will not prescribe this treatment if you have a history of depression or you are expecting a baby.

The effectiveness in Accutane treatment has been called the cure for acne. The time frame for getting acne cleared up is 4 to 6 months with a 60% result and in some cases a second treatment may needed for complete results.

In any event the Accutane treatment is highly recommended as the best acne dermatology treatment regardless of its questionable history. One can only conclude that the historical positives out weigh the negatives when using this treatment. Word of caution and that is you seek further proof about this treatment so that you make an informed decision.

If you want the best results for your acne dermatology treatment you need to be focused on following the doctors advice without deviation. The importance of getting a second or third opinion is an important part of your research. Remember you will have to live with the results.

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Considerations on Good Skin Care Products

December 3rd, 2008 4:34 AM by tipster

In yesterday’s world, the thoughts about good skin care products were not very complex. Essentially, good skin care was something that made you appear better straight away. Excessive makeup and cosmetics, products that could eventually damage the skin and even sporadically poison the body, were the whole fad. If it looked beautiful, it was what you wanted to put on your face. In many ways, skin care cosmetics have changed since those days, but the changes have come very slowly. Novelties such as natural skin care are still not normally recognized, and many individuals use abrasive skin anti aging treatments that may do more damage than good sooner or later.

As a dermatologist familiar to the practice of alternative medicine, I try to turn people away from this technique. There are some amazing creams on hand for skin treatments, but good skin care doesn’t start with the skin itself. If you need to obtain good skin care, you could do with taking care of your body as a whole. Good quality nutrition is where good skin initiates, you see. Clearly, these days numerous individuals recognize that eating too much fatty food can make your skin oily, greasy, and unhealthy looking. It can damage your complexion in ways that are not simply fixed by topical treatments. What persons don’t realize is that the problems go deeper than that. The vitamins that make healthy skin look alive and healthy come from the food that you eat every day. Without getting good nutrition, there’s no way to have truthfully good skin care

Naturally, if that were all that was needed to take care of your skin, us dermatologists would be out of business. We would be replaced with dietitians at once! Fortunately for my profession, there is more that goes into skincare than nutrition. There are many diverse treatments on hand for a variety of different skin concerns. Exfoliants, anti-wrinkle creams, coverup and makeup, and nutritional rubs can all lend a hand in keeping your skin healthy and good-looking. Health spas, massages, and other treatments that don’t visibly relate to the skin can still perk up appearance. It seems that, the way our skin looks is much more complex than even dermatologists anticipated. In essence, good skin care has to do with two things: being conscious of the variety of treatments existing, and being willing to try them until you find something that works. With enough determination, even the most horrible skincare issues can be resolved. It is just a matter of being patient.

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What Kind Of Effective Acne Treatments Are There?

December 3rd, 2008 4:33 AM by tipster

Although a common skin problem that affects millions of people worldwide, effective acne treatments are widely available. First before we look into these treatments, acne is most noticeable in younger people while in their early teens and you can spot acne on the forehead, cheeks and chin.

It becomes obvious as they develop into pimples showing up on the forehead, cheeks and chin. Although acne can appear on ones chest, back, shoulder or upper arms, it can still continue even beyond the adolescent years.

Acne has multiple effects, it can be so severe it can result in devastating ones self esteem or it can be subtle enough to unnoticed. Many people with severe acne feel very insecure, lacking confidence and have fears in leaving their home.

Some of the causes are here

The question that is always asked about this skin condition is what causes it. There are actually a few answers to this question, but first we should dismiss the myth that fatty foods like hamburgers and french fries or sugary foods cause acne is this is actually not true. Isn’t that better?

How Do Pimples Form Into Pimples?

The occurance of acne begins when the pores on the skin become clogged. When the glands below the skin pores produce oils combined with surface dirt, debris and dead skin cells, the pores become blocked causing infection. As a result of this, the potential for acne flare up is there.

How Does Acne Start?

Genetics and acne can be traced back to family history. Hormonal changes can be experienced by those during menstrual periods. Acne can be triggered by the use of greasy, oily cosmetic products, the use of certain medications and even humidity.

If you have a history of whiteheads, blackheads, cysts, redness on the skin, crusting or scarring, chances you have acne.

Tips On Finding An Effective Acne Treatment

Depending on your condition, whether it is mild or serious, you should get some type of treatment before infection starts. The best way to get an effective acne treatment is to speak to your doctor or dermatologist. You will get a complete analysis of the severity of your acne and be prescribed a treatment method best for you.

More than likely they will suggest a lifestyle change first, but of course there are various acne creams and lotions that are available which can be used to deal with your present acne. The results of these remedies provide future prevention of acne turning too severe.

To summerize, when your doctor prescibes medications you should follow through with his guidance because this will currently be the best effective acne treatment for you. Because you skin is important, keeping it healthy will take effort on your part. To a healthy skin.

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How You Can Use Glycemic Index Diet To Get Abs

December 3rd, 2008 4:33 AM by tipster

The glycemic ind

ex diet and low glycemic index diet are more than diet books. The glycemic index is a nutritional index that’s used to rank carbohydrate based foods. It is a system of ranking carbohydrate foods according to how much a certain amount of each food raises individual’s blood sugar levels. To get abs it is advised to take foods with low glycemic index because the higher the glycemic index the faster the food raises your blood sugar and in process affects your metabolism. Originally GI was used as tool to help diabetic patients to control their blood sugar level but now a day’s glycemic index diet has become more popular diet to get six pack abs.

Switching to low glycemic index diet has a lot of benefits for people who carries lot of fat around their belly. It has been proved that low GI diet control diabetes and at the same time helps people to control and lose weight. Such foods reduce the risk of heart disease and reduce blood cholesterol levels. Low GI foods acts as an appetite suppressant and keep you feel fuller for long time. If you’re performing some intense abs workout to get abs then glycemic index diet foods plays a vital role as it helps to re-fuel carbohydrate stores after exercises. All carbohydrates are not bad and remember you body needs carbohydrates to perform certain activities, hence it’s important to choose between bad and good carbohydrates to get abs.

To find a low glycemic index diet to get abs may be little confusing at times. You cannot always search for labels stating GI of that particular food. Hence just make a habit of eating cereals based on oats, barley, and bran. You can eat breads prepared from whole grains, ground flour. Make a habit of eating plenty of fruits and vegetables. You can even try vegetable salads with a vinaigrette dressing. If you like to eat rice choose basmati and don’t forget to eat lean proteins and healthy fats. You need to avoid unsaturated fats and eating pizza, burgers, fries, and cookies to get ripped abs.

You must be eager to know how glycemic index diet can be useful in getting ripped abs. When you consume carbohydrates it gets converted into blood sugar. Blood sugar is used by the body to manufacture ATP molecule which is important to power up all functions. It’s important to keep check on blood sugar levels as high blood sugar levels can affect the insulin levels. If the insulin levels are high it may affect the process of losing body fat. Insulin is one of the most important hormones that affect weight loss. Hence it’s important to eat low glycemic index diet to maintain steady insulin level. It not only helps to control diabetes but very effective in losing stomach fat to get six pack abs.

It is clear that low glycemic index diet plays an important role in losing body fat. It’s important to understand the effects of foods on your blood sugar and it’s true that low glycemic index diet keeps you full all the day. The energy level is kept maintained and if you’re looking for those ripped abs low glycemic index diet must be your first choice.

Tony Leong is giving away a secret MP3 recording that he did with fat loss expert Rob Poulos and in this recording; Rob reveals some fascinating diet tips that will fire up your metabolism. You can download the free MP3 here.

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Acne Rosacea Treatment - What Are The Best Options For You?

December 3rd, 2008 4:32 AM by tipster

A common skin disease that is known as Rosacea normally causes bumps, redness, irritating skin as well as visible blood vessels. There have been numerous researchers throughout the years attempting to find the cause but none of them have been able to even though there have been numerous types of hypotheses. Individuals that have Rosacea acne will typically tell you of distinctive irritating factors such as spicy foods, alcohol. Also, being in an environment that is hot or having stressful emotions can worsen Rosacea.

Unfortunately at the present time there are no known cures for Rosacea acne. The acne Rosacea treatments that are available typically assist a person to control the symptoms of Rosacea and keep the problem from getting worse. If you have symptoms of Roseacea you need to search for treatment from your doctor because if it is left untreated the symptoms typically grow worse and they may even become permanent. It is crucial to protect your skin from exposure to sunlight with lotions for sunscreens. You should consult with your physician prior to using sunscreens and for advice on buying what is best for you.

New Study

There are researchers that theorize that a couple of proteins that are inflammatory that the body creates an excessive amount of is stimulating an unusually high quantity of a third protein which then  creates the long-familiar symptoms of Rosacea. There are 4 main kinds of Rosacea acne and the acne Rosacea treatments will deviate which is dependent on the kind of symptoms you have.

Acne Rosacea Treatments

Symptoms of Erythematotelangiectatic such as flushing, feelings of stinging on your face as well as the observance of thin red lines on your face can be treated through the use of oral antibiotics. If your skin is in a lot of discomfort you can use a mild anti-inflammatory to assist with this type of problem.

If the thin red lines that you notice on your outer skin, which are in reality very tiny vessels of blood that do not fade away, you may want to check with your doctor in regards to the kind of acne Rosacea treatment that utilizes a pulsed dye laser type of therapy to assist in getting rid of these types of red lines.

If you have the Rosacea acne known as Phymstous you will see big pores as well as thick skin that looks bumpy. Phymatous very frequently affects a persons nose yet it also has the ability to create problems for your ears, chin, eyelids as well as your forehead. Noticeable pimples, veins as well as flushing may also be present. There are some doctors that will prescribe to their patients isotretinoin, nevertheless there is the possibility of having some serious side effects that include possible birth defects and it is also highly expensive from a consumer point of view so you may want to check with your physician in regards to using other types of medications.

Indications that you have what is known as Papulopustular Rosacea acne include little pimples, facial flushing as well as tiny red lines that can be noticed on your cheeks. Your doctor will likely advise acne Rosacea treatment, for example facial ointments or even medications such as antibiotics and he may even advise that you utilize both treatments at the same time.

If you are having to cope with Ocular Rosacea symptoms, for instance eyes that are irritated and dry, many experts suggest that you give artificial tears a try. Your physician might suggest taking antibiotic pills to assist with your symptoms. Possibly a cure for Rosacea acne will be discover in the near future, yet for now there are numerous methods of acne Rosacea treatments that are available that can help you in reducing your symptoms.

To learn more go to Acne Alternative Treatment and at Laser Treatment For Acne

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Body Building: Understanding Muscle Supplement?

December 3rd, 2008 4:32 AM by tipster

If you walk through any health or nutrition store you will notice that there is a enormous number of body building muscle supplement products on store shelves. The sheer volume of products is overwhelming and their popularity is quite strong. While many people are familiar with the fact that these products exist, they may not be aware of how these body building muscle supplement products work. Unfortunately, because these products are in such fierce competition with one another they have a tendency to employ a ton of over the top advertisement campaigns so as to stand out in the marketplace. Unfortunately, a number of these ad campaigns leave the false impression that there is a miracle out there that will maximize ones ability to grow muscle.

The Truth About  Muscle Supplement

First, what must clearly be understood about these supplements is that no body building muscle supplement is a miracle product. There is no product that will magically burn fat and enhance muscle growth while eliminating that pesky need for working out. Sure, there are a number of products with wild over the top ad campaigns that make these grandiose promises, but these products are less than honest and even less successful in terms of actually delivering what they promise.

The products out there that fall into the body building muscle supplement category are essentially one of two things known as mass gainers and whey protein supplements. A mass gainer is a drink that provides a massive amount of calories in liquid shake form so as to help someone who is having difficulty gaining weight the ability to gain weight without packing on fat. What whey protein does is that it provides the body with quality protein so as to aid in the repair and growth of muscle after a solid exercise program. While this description of these products may make them sound mundane, it is also an accurate assessment. Again, there is no body building muscle supplement that can provide any miracles so avoid looking for them. Instead, keep your feet grounded to the earth and look for those products that provide an honest and sensible result.

These products are not necessarily expensive and are generally quite effective. Of course, some brands are a little better than others and then there will also be issues of personal taste involved in the selection that you make. But ultimately if you stick with legitimate products you will achieve the results that you desire.

Get up off that couch and join the fitness revolution. Make exercise and a healthy diet part of your daily  routine, you will be surprised at the difference it will have on your life.

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Why do you stick to the rules of a mad fad diet?

December 2nd, 2008 4:31 AM by tipster

There is sensible weight loss dieting and then there are mad fad diets. The mainstream diets point you to sensible eating and a pound by pound weight reduction over a long time frame. The fad diets do not offer a steady weight loss. They promise large reduction in weight in a matter of weeks.

Is it even possible that these very low calorie diets can work? They claim great things but you must know that they are not based on normal food and ideas. I know this because I have lost 5 stones in a space of just 15 weeks on one of these diets.

There are very definite reasons why this diet worked for me and why it could work for you. The main reason is the rules that you have to follow.

Fad diets have very strict rules that you have to follow. They are so simply even a guy can make sense of them. They give you a meal plan that says “this is what you can eat” It is very limited and usually quite boring but you know that if you stick to the diet rules you will lose the weight.

Standard diets by contrast allow you a huge range of food options but this is where the rules get confusing. You are so busy counting points and calories that you do not know quite what you are allowed to eat and when.

You can see that the simplicity of the diet rules help you on this type of program. But of course then the question is can you stick to the diet rules you are given. The rules that you do have are in a way much harder to stick to but you also expect to be hungry on this type of diet so you expect this. It creates a sort of virtuous circle of thought processes that give you more resolve.

All diets have set rules for you to follow. I just like the simple and easy to follow rules of mad fad diets.

Put your money to work for you by learning where to invest it for the best returns

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